Course instructions

  • The basic requirement for participating in a course unit is respectful interaction with one another.
  • Only course-related exercises are to be carried out within a course unit.
  • In the event of an impaired relationship of trust, measures will be discussed by the board and can lead to exclusion from the course unit or the entire course. The scope of the measures is discussed by the Management Board and decided on an individual basis.
  • If participation in a course unit is not possible, this must be canceled 24 hours before the course. Special circumstances are taken into account.
  • The course will take place in six consecutive units and when there are at least 4 participants.
  • The course will only be postponed if the trainer is ill/unavailable or other events caused by Minor e.V.
  • Performance-specific misjudgments by the participants are subject to correction by the trainer. This can lead to a transfer to another course unit that seems more appropriate to the performance level.
  • The data protection regulations of Minor e.V. must be observed.
  • The rules for the use of the studio (see notice in the course room) must be observed.
  • Jewelery must be removed during the entire training session.
    Bring something to drink, a towel and appropriate training clothes with you to the course.

Course-Related Privacy Policy

  • I agree that the association may publish photos and/or videos on the association’s social media (homepage, Facebook, Instagram) in connection with the association’s purpose and statutory events. This may also include transmission to print and other media.
  • I am aware that I can object to the publication of individual photos and personal data at any time by contacting the board and the trainers. In this case, the transmission/publication will be stopped immediately for the future. Any photos and data already published on the association’s homepage, Instagram or Facebook profile will then be removed immediately.

If you have any questions about the course instructions or Minor e.V.’s data protection agreement, please contact¬†