Open Poledance training community of Dresden
to help shape Dresden’s dance culture

North Pole Shooting Shape - Double Seat by Chrissie & Albi (schwarz weiß)
North Pole Shooting Shape - Seat by Betty
North Pole Shooting Shape - Dragon Tail by Lena
North Pole Shooting Shape - Bunny Seat by Chrissie (schwarz weiß)
North Pole Shooting Shape - One Handed Spin by Chrissie (schwarz weiß)

About us

MINOR e.V. is an association of pole dance enthusiasts who offer pole dance courses as well as reservable studio space for members to train on their own schedule.

Our by-laws

At MINOR e.V., all pole and movement enthusiasts can find a home for their training within a diverse, open community of like-minded people. For us at MINOR e.V., pole dance is more than just a sport; it is passion, well-being, joy, holistic movement, health, expressiveness, friendship, and switching off from everyday life.

Everyone is welcome in our association and we are happy to include anyone who wants to get involved and become part of our community.

MINOR e.V. is defined by three pillars

Supporting flexible, self-organized open training and growth within the community.

Providing high quality and customized courses to support each person’s movement journey.

Hosting events like the Pole Picnic with a focus on fun and community building.

Our rooms

Since June 2024 you can find us in both Dresden Löbtau and Dresden Pieschen.

Our training room on Jagdweg is available to our members 24/7 for their self-organized open training. Courses, workshops and some of our events take place in the MINOR Studio on Rankestraße.

Rent MINOR Studio mieten
MINOR Trainingsraum

Jagdweg 1-3
01159 Dresden

MINOR Studio

Rankestraße 56
01139 Dresden

The MINOR e.V. Team

We have been an association since April 2019 and can officially call ourselves Minor e.V. Numerous members enrich our project and the three of us devote ourselves, among other things, to the organization of the association.

Our goal is to create a non-profit and barrier-free area for creative exchange, and to give the form of expression – pole dance – a little more limelight.


Director, Instructor

Portrait von Trainerin und Vorstand Betty